Members of the media who wish to cover King Harald`s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 must register via the online Media management tool for international Gymnastics events at

Only complete applications will be considered. After the submission deadline, applicants will be notified by email if their request has been accepted or rejected. Upon arrival onsite, accepted media representatives will be asked to sign the FIG’s professional journalism policy* form as well as the media or broadcaster declaration*, respectively, before receiving their credentials.

As per the FIG Media Rules, registration for FIG events is open to the written press, photographers, radio representatives, rights-holders and non-rights holding television broadcasters (ENR) with the following limitations:

Written press (newspaper, magazine, internet) – two professionals per organisation
Photographer – one professional per organisation (except for agencies)
Radio – two professionals per organisation
ENR – three professionals per organisation

The granting of credentials for website editors and photographers is subject to the fulfilment of a number of requirements outlined under ‘website criteria’*. Web editors are requested to fill in the website questionnaire* and to send it back to the FIG Media Department.

Please also refer to the FIG’s media accreditation and photo and video policies*.

Professionals who need an official invitation letter in order to apply for a visa for the host countries of the respective events are requested to contact the Local Organising Committees. Related information will be published here in due time.

*These documents can be found in the FIG Media Rules Appendix. 

Contact LOC

(For invitation letters, media accommodation etc.)