The LOC-2017 has choosen Euro Gymnastics Equipment AB as our supplier of Gymnastics Equipment for the World Gym for Life Challenge 2017.

Gymnastics Apparatus will be provided free of charge up to a certain limit. Only apparatus approved by the FIG will be provided. If a group plans to bring their own apparatus, the LOC must be informed in advance, and the group must register the equipment with the LOC by the provisional registration date. FIG Member Federations must pay the cost of transporting any apparatus they bring, including any import costs.

All apparatus must be ordered separately during the defintive registration in Gymnaplana. Please be aware that we also need you to make drawing of the apparatus layout in Gymnaplana.

6 Wooden benches

4 Parallel bars

4 Vaulting boxes soft/foam vaulting table (salto box) 130x80x70cm

4 Springboards

6 Mini trampoline/ trampet open ended

4 Mini trampoline/trampet closed

4 Vaulting boxes wooden 130cm x 75cm

10 Rollable floor mats 14x2m, 35mm thick

36 School mats 2x1m

1 Vaulting table, height up to 165 cm

4 Landing mats foam core 400x200x10cm
3 Landing mats foam core 400x200x35cm
6 Landing mats foam core 400x200x40cm
6 Landing mats foam core 300x200x20cm