• Start your day with yoga

    We want you to have the best start on your days at World Gym for Life Challenge 2017!  What better w [...] Les mer

  • Challenge your balance

    Stand up paddling (SUP) introduction course 4elements gives you an introduction to Stand up paddling [...] Les mer

  • Highlights of Oslo!

    Full day excursion to Oslo! Start/end at Oslofjord Convention Center (8 hours) Modern touring coach [...] Les mer

  • Tickets for King Harald`s World Gym for Life Chall

    Be sure you don’t miss anything at King Harald`s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017! It is time to bu [...] Les mer

  • Volunteer registration closed

    Today we closed volunteer registration. With over 150 volunteers our Head of Volunteer, Ida Sandbråt [...] Les mer

  • Welcome to the Gymnastic Village!

    We hope you will enjoy your stay at Oslofjord Convention Center. Here you are close to where you wil [...] Les mer

  • World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 becomes royal

    His Majesty King Harald V will attend World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 We are proud to announce tha [...] Les mer

  • Also gymnasts needs food

    Who can do gymnastics without food? In the package we have already included one meal (lunch or dinne [...] Les mer

  • Families and accopanying persons

    As previous informed in Newsletter #3, guests and other accompanying persons can be able to stay at [...] Les mer

  • Rhythm of The Wave

    Are you ready?! World Gym for Life Challenge is only months away, and we are ready to make this summ [...] Les mer

  • All you need to know about transport

    The LOC will organize a shuttle bus going from the Venue to the cities of Tønsberg and Sandefjord. T [...] Les mer

  • Check Out The Apparatus

    The LOC-2017 has choosen Euro Gymnastics Equipment AB as our supplier of Gymnastics Equipment for th [...] Les mer

  • Christmas Challenge: Who is the winner?

    The last challenge is over! Again, you all surprised us with creative and unique pictures and videos [...] Les mer

  • 12 facts about Norwegian Christmas traditions

      The time between 1st and 24th of December, is called ADVENTSTID. To make the waiting time shorter, [...] Les mer

  • Newsletter 4

    This Newsletter is somewhat different than the previous ones, and it contains all the information yo [...] Les mer

  • #GFL2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge – Theme 3:

    It’s the third and last week of our Instagram Christmas Challenge, and our countdown towards Christm [...] Les mer

  • Winner of The second Christmas challenge is…

    The second Christmas challenge is over, and so many of you shared creative #mannequinchallenge with [...] Les mer

  • #GFL2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge – Theme 2:

    We’re sure many of you have noticed the trend with the #Mannequinchallenge! Well, we can’t get enoug [...] Les mer


    We’re so happy so many of you wanted to take part in our first week of #gfl2017 Christmas Challenge, [...] Les mer

  • #GFL2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge – Theme 1!

     Theme 1: Gymnastics together! You remember our very own countdown to Christmas Eve? We want you to [...] Les mer

  • This is what you can win!

    Ready for tomorrow? This is what you can win! Hopefully, you are already following us on Instagram ( [...] Les mer

  • #gfl2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge!

    Share your pictures with us and get the opportunity to win cool World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 ef [...] Les mer

  • Workshop GFL2017

    Strength and agility was essential for warriors during the Viking era. The children had to start exe [...] Les mer

  • Follow us on Social Media

    Do you know we are on Facebook and Instagram? Here we will share information, videos, give you small [...] Les mer

  • Opplev World Gym For Life Challenge som frivillig!

    NGTF søker frivillige som kan bidra under World Gym for Life Challenge på Oslofjord Convention Cente [...] Les mer

  • Norwegian Welcome Evening

    For our grand opening of the 3rd World Gym for Life Challenge, we are happy to welcome both particip [...] Les mer

  • Explore The Viking in You!

    From year 793-1066 Norwegian Vikings voyaged, explored and invaded centuries across Europe. Traces o [...] Les mer

  • Gym for Life Village

    Have you ever lived in a Village full of gymnastics?! Oslofjord Convention Centers accommodations ar [...] Les mer

  • Facts about Norway

    What do you know about Norway? [...] Les mer

  • Gym for life 2016 – Gala video

    While we are counting down months, weeks and days let take a throwback to our test-event this summer [...] Les mer

  • Welcome to Vestfold in Norway

    The County of Vestfold is situated in the south of Norway. Vestfold is the smallest and one of the m [...] Les mer

  • Video from Gym for Life Norway 2016

    In June 2016 The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation organized Gym for Life Challenge Norway as a test-e [...] Les mer

  • Greetings from the LOC-president

    Get ready for the third edition of World Gym for Life Challenge! The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation [...] Les mer

  • This is Oslofjord Convention Center

    This is the place you will perform, meet new friends, eat, drink, sleep, relax and hang out. [...] Les mer

  • 10 good reasons to join us for WGFL2017

    10 good reasons to join us for World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 Make new gymnastics friends from al [...] Les mer

  • Gym for Life test-event!

    The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation organizes Gym for Life Challenge Norway 2016 this weekend. Appro [...] Les mer

  • Newsletter 3

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  • Newsletter 1

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