#GFL2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge – Theme 2: MannequinChallenge!

We’re sure many of you have noticed the trend with the #Mannequinchallenge! Well, we can’t get enough of them! If you haven’t already picked up on this, you make a video where all of you stand completely still – just like a mannequin! If you search for this hash tag you are sure to find a lot of inspiration, and if you already have a video, just tag us in along to be in the run for some World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 effects!

From 9th until 15th of December we want to see you as the mannequins! Use your team, friends or family and qualify to this theme to be in the run for a set of the official World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 clothes AND a ticket to the gala!

instagramkonkurranseGreat news! It is super easy! All you need to do is this:
-Follow us at @gymforlife2017
-Tag your picture or video using #gfl2017contest and #gfl2017