#GFL2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge – Theme 1!

 Theme 1: Gymnastics together!

You remember our very own countdown to Christmas Eve? We want you to share your pictures and videos with us, and the best part is that you will be able to win some great World Gym for Life 2017 effects! We will have a new theme every week, and the first one starts now!

From 1st until 8th of December we want to see you doing Gymnastics together! This could be some couple acrobatics, elements using more than one person, or maybe a pyramid? As long as you cooperate to do gymnastics, it will qualify to this theme and to be in the run for a set of the official World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 clothes AND a ticket to the gala!

How it works
Great news! It is super easy! All you need to do is this:
-Follow us at @gymforlife2017
-Tag your picture or video using #gfl2017contest and #gfl2017