This is what you can win!

Ready for tomorrow? This is what you can win!

Hopefully, you are already following us on Instagram (@gymforlife2017), and ready for the Christmas challenge tomorrow. We now want to show you what you can win: Official Word Gym for Life Challenge clothes, and gala ticket!

This is how YOU can win it:

  1. Follow us on Instagram, @gymforlife2017
  2. Share your picture or video with us by using #glf2017contest and #glf2017

Easy, right?

ON THE OTHER HAND! Every week we will have new theme for your picture/video, – so stay tune!

Three times in December, we will announce a winner of the week challenges. We will also share a picture/video with the right tags on our Facebook-site every day.

If you win the challenge, you will become the owner of the official Gym for Life Challenge 2017 outfit and a gala ticket!

PS! Make sure to have your Instagram account open, if its private we will not be able to see your picture.