#gfl2017 Instagram Christmas Challenge!

Share your pictures with us and get the opportunity to win cool World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 effects!

Here in Norway, it is very common to count down days to from December 1 to Christmas Eve (December 24th). We call it “Julekalender”, and we even have TV series made exclusive for this! When we are kids, our parents give us advent calendar/Julekalender with gifts, chocolate or whatever, so every day is a mini Christmas Eve.

Now, we want do make one special for you! A Christmas calendar Challenge!

This is how it works

  1. Follow us on Instagram, @gymforlife2017
  2. Share your picture or video with us by using #glf2017contest and #glf2017

Easy, right?

ON THE OTHER HAND! Every week we will have a new theme for your picture/video – so stay tuned!

Three times in December, we will announce a winner of the week challenges. In addition we will share a picture or video with the right tags on our Facebook-page every day, so if you don’t win the big price, you will at least get the opportunity to earn some extra credits from our 2000 followers!

If you win the challenge you will become the owner of the official Gym for Life Challenge 2017 outfit and a ticket to the gala!

PS! Make sure to have your Instagram account open, if its private we will not be able to see your picture, and that would be a real shame.

Are you ready to join our countdown on Instagram??